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I take great pride in the products that we make and strive to ensure that they are the best, and remain the best, pickles, sauces and chutneys that you will ever eat. 

First we inspect and then prepare all our fresh ingredients by hand. Depending on the product, a batch will usually result in between 100 and 130 jars / bottles. Our production methods are the result of many years experience using, in most cases, recipes which have been in my family for generations. There can be slight variations between batches, and this is to be expected with hand made products. This does not in any way diminish the quality.

Generally, depending on the product, the suggested Best Before Date is simply advisory and there is no need to dispose of any that remains simply because the specified date has been reached. The pickles mature and actually improve with age. The general rule is, if it tastes ok, it is ok. There are, however, a couple of simple but important precautions that you can take to avoid the product deteriorating prematurely.

  • If you find a layer of oil on the pickles, it is there for a reason. It forms a protective barrier which keeps the pickle in prime condition. Do not mix it in or dispose of it. Just “dig” through to the pickle and let the oil drip back into the jar before putting the pickle on your plate.
  • ALWAYS serve them using clean, dry utensils. To avoid contaminating your pickle, I would recommend placing the jar of pickle or chutney on a saucer with a teaspoon beside it and use that spoon exclusively for that product during that meal. Alternatively, rest the spoon on the bottle cap.
  • ALWAYS ensure that the cap is replaced correctly, securely and not cross threaded. If air gets to the product when it is stored for an extended period it can, and almost certainly will, impair the flavour. The caps create an airtight seal, so please take a moment to check it is on properly.
  • When you pour the sauces, always clean the neck of the bottle with a paper napkin or tissue before replacing the cap securely. If any sauce remains in the thread, it will react with air and eventually look unsightly.

Although you might have read much of this elsewhere on the site, it is worth repeating that all our products

  • Are prepared and cooked by hand using the best available produce.
  • Are free from artificial preservatives, flavouring and colouring.
  • DO NOT require refrigeration once opened.
  • Are naturally preserved and have an extremely long shelf life.
  • Contain no dairy and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Produced in small batches to ensure consistently high quality.

    I hope you enjoy using this website as much as you will enjoy eating my products.

    Whether you are considering taking the plunge and buying for the first time or are a regular customer, I would be grateful if you could spare a moment or two and leave a comment. I thank you too for any purchases you go on to make.

    If you have any questions relating to our products which have not been answered on the site, please feel free to email me and I will respond as soon as I can.

    Your custom is always appreciated and never taken for granted.

    Love and best wishes,